Sunday, March 7, 2010

Looney Buns: Poker Ace

poker ace

I continue to discover sticky sweet paths of popular music. This time I'm posting a bit of sunshine pop from hell. Electronic drums and a tuba are confronting a synthesizer duo powered by a digital sample guitar and some retro keys here.

This song is now a part of the album.
Get it here.


Playing poker with fallen angels
I have found the way out of hell
Cheating with venerable strangers
Bumped my head on the holy bell

Cleaning out my refrigerator
I uncovered a royal flush
Snatched a purse off an alligator
Found some poker chips, but no cash

Hanging on the wire
Shoot me on the phone
Put my ears on fire
With the dial tone
Poke me in the face 'cause
You are poker ace
Hanging on the wire
Poke me in the face

Playing joker for your amusement
I can steal from the queen of hearts
Gambling down in your father's basement
Lost my eye in the game of darts

Wearing crown of the king of clubs I
Sold my heart to the rolling dice
Roll your eyes when you say goodbye and
Let me beg for your pretty lies

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