Sunday, March 14, 2010

Looney Buns: Ponds of Cheese

poker ace

Ponds of cheese are where the raging saws and bored horns meet causing mind blending tremors. Here's another cut of twisted electronic dance music infused with urban folk and tribal exotic aura.

This song is now a part of the album.
Get it here.


Tell me what's the forecast
What is there before us
Gazing out from nothingness which hides behind the door

Let me see the big screen
Shining when the lights dim
Let me look at curiosities I have never seen

Talking on the phone you are
Fishing in a fondue pot
Talking 'bout the things that please
us by ponds of cheese

Surfing the magnificent ponds of cheese...

What is on the menu
Can you find a brand new
Kind of Camembert that you could nibble with a friend

Tell me what the score is
Racing for a cheap kiss
Playing out those silly games we take too seriously

Surfing the magnificent ponds of cheese...

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