Thursday, May 23, 2013

Looney Buns: Quantum Riddles

quantum riddles of your fuzzy feelings
shroud my body and cloud my mind from seeing
beyond the things that matter

behind the matter that I can see

entangled waveforms of your twisted neural structure

destabilize my little private space time fracture
beyond the things that can happen

behind the shape of what can be

subsonic echoes of your heart implosions

deform the pattern of my cardiac equations
behind a smile I am scattered
beyond the things that I can feel

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Looney Buns: Little Dragon

you turn your x-ray eyes
toward the fractured dragon egg
you set a little fire
within the things that you've just said

and it feels those tiny feelings
and it makes you more appealing

behind the looking glass
you keep the secret of your kind
creepy beasts from the past
that are afraid to cross the line

and they make those quiet squealings
and they make you more appealing

the little dragon smiles with fire
the little dragon smiles with fire

you cast your freezing smile
upon the quiet, morning snow
like a star in exile
from a sex horror picture show

and it feels those tiny feelings
and it makes you more appealing

you hide your lizard hands
beneath your plastic flower gloves
enclosing milky lands
concealed by leather coat above

and it makes those quiet squealings
and it makes you more appealing

Monday, May 13, 2013

Looney Buns: Fox in a Shell

sunny girls destroy the shady space
wearing pretty faces down the city lanes
smiling boys out of the barber shop
are driving up the street in a white bubbletop

and I'm the fox in a shell and now I know,
I can only trust my gut
I'm the bear in a can and they are nuts
I only trust my gut

men in black out of big SUV
are shaking sweaty hands indefinitely
liquid crystals from a display pane
transcoding secret waves of a computer brain

I'm a hell of a fox and now I know,
I can only trust my gut
I'm the cat in a box and they are dogs
I only trust my gut

global branch of local company
is selling handbooks of world wide conspiracy
pavement strollers choose to pass it by
there is a hidden plan to make them walk in lines

And I'm the fox in a shell...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Looney Buns: Scary Mary

tears of the unshaven spy
from room 4909
turn into thrills

from the untested traps of the unsaid desires
oh, ain't that scary
you have made them appear

with the tone of your voice
ain't that cliché
then you've wiped them away

with a smile of your choice
oh, Scary Mary
I've been losing this game

like a fat dinosaur

gruff, coal black mustache señor

from room 4904
he makes you laugh

with the unsmiling clown at the bear hug vampire
oh, ain't that funny
you could scare them away

with a slap of your choice
ain't that
we've been fooling again
with the batch of our joys
oh, Scary Mary
I would do it again

for just one slap of yours

sneer from the sad prostitute

from room 4902
makes me feel weird

'bout the unspoken names of her happy empire
oh, ain't that scary
I could talk you around

with a word of her choice
ain't that
I've been playing again
with the batch of her toys
and I'm afraid
I could throw them away

for just one smile of yours
oh, Scary Mary