Sunday, February 28, 2010

Looney Buns: Soda Pop

Once again, here's a new song on the account of Looney Buns project. This time it's slightly more experimental and melancholic. Digital drum machine and three synthesizers meet tuba and trombones, as played back by the sampler.

This song is now a part of the album.
Get it here.

I'm drinking my excitement
'till the vanity of glass
embrace the variety of fuss
over this soda pop

I'm sinking with my white taints
in a pool of my sweat
as I undermine my bet
on a diversity of outcomes we can get
in a game of stick and slap

Excitement, soda pop, soda pop, soda pop...

I'm solving my puzzlement
writing down the missing piece
of secret, obscure recipe
to make our soda pop 

I nuzzle into settlement
of strange and kitchen instruments
lurking from rather indecent
unmeasurable clatter that were meant
to lay down there as a trap

Excitement, soda pop, soda pop, soda pop...

I hope that you don't mind it
as I'm making up my mind
for the inevitable find
of our soda pop

I'm looking for a blind bit
of indifference inside your eyes
that could turn tears into ice
supporting countless tricks that we play nice
but we don't know when to stop

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