Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Looney Buns: Bubblegum

This song is now a part of the album.
Get it here.
I bend my jaw on a u-turn, I'm never gonna learn that
You can't chew bubblegum on the run
I get sunburns under my skin, I'm never gonna win
The sun is in the sky

Working on my tan, I grow bubbles from a gum
I start to feel I'm getting somewhere
Chewing bubblegum, while I work hard on my tan
I start to feel I'm getting somewhere

I feed jellyfish with my feet, while the sea spits on my seat
My hand easily blend with the sand
I grew bubbles out of my dreams, they played in opposite teams
I wonder who has won

Working on my tan...

Bang, bang, bang!

I play softly with a big gun, mouthful of pink bubblegum
The bubble's gonna pop

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