Saturday, March 19, 2011

Looney Buns: Deep Space

This song is now a part of the album.
Get it here.

Nebula of strange colors
Transforming cosmic waves
Is hunting down solar
Photons in constant chase

Shimmering on the ceiling
Reflecting on the floor
Amplifies the feeling
That I was waiting for

Molecules floating
Into outer space
Particles scouting
For the impossible ways

To look for a reason to
Clear the hatch to deep space
Looking at invisible
Doors to secret state of grace

Escaping space distortions
When warning lights turn red
I approach with caution
The border of my bed

Hiding behind the sun rays
Riding a moonlight storm
Heading into deep space
I feel empty and worn


Looking for invisible
Road that leads to deep space
Pulling undetachable
Strings to link the nights with days

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