Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Looney Buns: Ghosts in the Trees

feed the beast for voodoo priests of fire-sales
mystified by secret side of marketplace
they can get through sticky net of flimsy mind
they will sell the rainbow spell to colorblind

ghosts in the trees laugh when you squeeze
the clock of your heart, which sleeps in the dark

tame your greed and plant the seed of carelessness
in the soil of futile toil to clean this mess
it can grow out of your toe in moonlight glow
it can climb, like poison vine, the lunar bow

birds in the bush laugh when you push
the gears of your mind, which sleeps on the grind

wipe the sun out of the plan to clear the skies
follow those who can dispose the merchandise
where the ghosts are scorching toasts of bargain souls
who scream in pain to whisper rain and pay the toll

ghosts in the trees...

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